The Fruits of Appeasement - Melanie Phillips

So now we can see once again the fruits of appeasement. North Korea has tested a second set of nuclear bombs and the West throws up its hands in horror. What did it expect? Once the Bush administration cravenly decided to give up on North Korea (following the similarly short-sighted approach taken by Bill Clinton), Kim Jong-Il duly took the opportunity to press full steam ahead with his nuclear program. Now the same “new realists” who came to power at the tail-end of the Bush presidency and decided to “live with” a North Korean bomb – just as they have apparently decided the U.S. could “live with” an Iranian bomb – are serving in the Obama administration, which of course has taken such imbecility to unprecedented depths. Obama has been abasing himself to every despot on the planet, proclaiming America’s weakness through his “hand of friendship” and infantile belief that talking to tyrants is the route to peace.


Anonymous said... @ May 30, 2009 11:08 AM

We're gonna' need a bigger boat!

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