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YouTube Provides Better Coverage of Events in Iran Than MSM

If you are following the amazing events currently unfolding in Iran in the wake of their turbulent election, then YouTube will give you a much better sense of what is happening than the mainstream media. Yesterday, while the dramatic protests were unfolding, CNN held an extended forum on healthcare. The other cable news channels weren't much more enlightening in their coverage of events from Iran.

Where does a web surfer go to find out about the turbulence taking
place there? For me, and a lot of other people, the natural gathering place for a video view from Iran is YouTube where many Iranian bloggers have been uploading their highly interesting videos some which you can see, along with a sampling of the accompanying commentary, below the fold. So turn away from those cable news networks which are only giving relatively shallow coverage of the turbulence in Iran and welcome to the Brave New World of Web video reporting from bloggers on the scene of the action.



Anonymous said... @ June 15, 2009 11:13 AM

News papers and network television have been loosing readers/viewers for years. The cable news outlets are going to face the same thing if they don't start reporting straight news.

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