Thanks To ObamaCare, We May All Have To
Die For Our Country!

How would you like to have a stranger sit down with your parents and or grandparents, and explain to them that due to the expense of senior medical care, it was time to do their patriotic duty and snuff it?

For years, many medical ethicists in this country have been pushing for what they call, end of life medical care denial. They argue, that the high cost of senior medical care, places far too great a burden on the system, and that it should simply be denied to those who have lived out a natural life span.

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi and her fellow democrats agree with this idea. Pages 425 to 430 of The House version of the health care bill is going to require mandatory, end of life counseling, for all seniors at a minimum of every five years, more often if the senior is sick or in a nursing home.

Be afraid... Be very afraid!

Graphic Via - The Peoples Cube


Anonymous said... @ July 23, 2009 3:04 PM

Actually..I think the whole thing is a load of crap. Not just the healthcare plan either. The whole administration.

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