Teachable Moments ... Lessons From The Beer Summit!

Yesterday, the White House taught us all a very important lesson: when a president wrongly accuses a white policeman of being a stupid racist, and a radical Harvard professor makes false claims of racism while declaring the policeman to be a "rogue cop," then no one should apologize, and everyone should have a beer.

With no need for embarrassing apologies prior to making up, we can now look forward to Hillary Clinton sitting down for brewskis and laughs with Iran, Korea and the Taliban. And gosh darn it, who's to say that after so many years in the desert, Osama bin Laden wouldn't mellow out over a frosty mug of ale with the president?

Welcome to Obama's new "Beer Goggle Diplomacy!"

Via - Hope n' Change


Anonymous said... @ July 31, 2009 10:50 AM

Really..I don't know if I can drink enough beer to make me feel better about Obama!

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