Ex-President Bill Clinton left Pyongyang early Wednesday accompanied by American journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling. It was less than 24 hours after the former U.S. leader had landed in the North Korean capital on a private, humanitarian trip to secure their release.

Tuesday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that Mr Clinton's trip was private and flatly denied claims that he had carried a message from President Obama, telling reporters, "That's not true."

If Mr. Gibbs is to be believed, then Clinton was able to personally pull off the release of the journalists without any outside aid, something Obama was unable to do. On the other hand, if this was a secret back room deal from the start, then the Obama White House blatantly lied directly to the press.

Which ever scenario is true, it can be concluded that President Obama Is either incompetent at foreign affairs or an opportunistic liar ... Perhaps Both.


Nia Bender said... @ August 05, 2009 3:14 PM

In my wildest dreams..I never thought that someone could come along and make "Slick Willy" look good. All of a sudden, Clinton doesn't seem nearly as screwed up as he used too.

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