White House Launches Web Site
to Battle Health Care 'Rumors'

The Obama administration has launched a new web site to battle what it calls "wild rumors" about the health care reform plans being pushed through Congress -- including an invitation for the public to tattle on any other "myths" they come across.

It comes a week after the White House asked the public to send in "fishy" information about health care reform.

The Web site, activated Monday, uses the same set-up as the "Fight the Smears" page the Obama campaign maintained last year to battle rumors seen as potentially damaging to his candidacy.

The new "Reality Check" site features a half-dozen alleged rumors about health care reform, responding to them with videos of top aides rebutting them.

Graphic Via AfterMath


Anonymous said... @ August 10, 2009 7:26 PM

So.. this is what it's like to live in Russia. Eh, Komisar?

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