Flash... Man with AR-15 assault weapon does
not kill Obama at Arizona town hall meeting!

The mainstream media is having a shit fit over a handful of people who were carrying guns outside the convention center where President Barack Obama was giving a speech in Arizona on Monday.

These Americans were exercising their rights under the Second Amendment and Arizona's open carry laws. Phoenix police said the people at Monday's event, including the man carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, didn't need permits. No crimes were committed, and no one was arrested.

The majority of the media went into overdrive in an attempt to portray the armed Arizona attendees as racist right-wing extremists and potential threats to the president. Their primary focus was the man with the AR-15 assault weapon.

The only problem was that the guy with the AR-15 was a black man... a very well dressed and adroit black man, who just happens to disagree with Obama and is an ardent defender of the 2nd Amendment. Identifying himself only as "Chris", he told The Arizona Republic, that he was carrying the assault weapon because he could. "In Arizona, I still have some freedoms," he said.

Considering that SEIU members beat the hell out of a black man in St. Louis for protesting against Obama’s Health Care Reform, is it really such a shock that some protesters are showing up with guns?


Anonymous said... @ August 18, 2009 5:36 PM

Dumbest thing I heard over this was a Chris Matthew's interview. What a bunch of dipshits.

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