The worst argument ever for ObamaCare:
It will be like the post office.

1. The post office has no competition. It has a monopoly on first class mail. Much like ObamaCare will have a monopoly on healthcare.
2. Despite that monopoly, they lose money hand-over-fist every year. Much like ObamaCAre will have a monopoly on healthcare.
3. Fedex and UPS eat the post office’s lunch where they actually compete. Much like insurance companies…uhhhh…well, there won’t really be any insurance companies to compete with ObamaCare.

The Greatest President In History, who has never worked in private enterprise, shows absolutely no understanding of how that real world thing works.

Source - I Hate the Media


Nia Bender said... @ August 12, 2009 12:43 PM

This coming from the man who said that AARP was on board with his health care plan yesterday...oops..AARP released a statement today saying that they ARE NOT on board with the health care plan yet. He and Al Gore apparently have some similarities now don't they???

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