Those Who Ignore History
Are Doomed To Repeat It!

The Obama administration appears to want to trivialize September 11th. It kowtows to those who wish us dead, it ridicules and endangers the military and CIA, it frees those who have already attacked us, and now it's trying to turn 9/11 into a public volunteer day.

We should never forget the tragic events of that day. Nor should we ever forget the people or the ideology that gave rise to that attack.

"I think we are going to have to remember September 11th in its reality, much the same way as we have to remember other horrific events in our history, because somehow I think it pushes the human consciousness toward finding ways to avoid this in the future. But if you censor it too much, if you try to find too many euphemisms for what happened, then I think you rob people of the ability to actually relive it, and therefore motivate them to prevent it from happening in the future." - Mayor Rudolph Giuliani


Nia Bender said... @ September 11, 2009 4:37 AM

People have the tendency to live by the old term "out of sight, out of mind." The video below is upsetting. But, it's vital to remember this event. My own 15-year old doesn't remember this as well as I wish he could. It's our job to remind the young and never let the one's who choose to pretend it never happened, remember. If we don't, something just as bad, if not worse, will be experienced again.

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