Just in time for the 8th anniversary of September 11th

The A-hole's at the World Wildlife Fund have come up with a print ad that is as offensive as it gets. The ad shows dozens of planes headed for the World Trade Center. See a larger version here. The copy reads: "The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it."

The WWF has apologized for the ad and says that it was created for use in Brazil and was not meant to be seen in the United States.

Can the pinheads at the WWF explain why the ad is written in english, while the official language of Brazil is Portuguese ?


Anonymous said... @ September 03, 2009 6:57 PM

Pretty damned thoughtless on their part. Then again...Save the wildlife for God's sake, screw the human's. After all, the animals would be fine if we went extinct right?? Just think of how happy Gaia would be if we got the hell off the planet. MORONS.

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