Today's the big day. President Obama will address the nation’s schoolchildren. The following is a transcript of the speech that Obama would give, if he really wanted to be honest with the kids:

Hey kids, What’s up?

I’m speaking to you, the nation’s children today, because nobody else will listen to me anymore. I also have come to realize that you are my only hope, as those of you in kindergarten through the third grades are the only Americans left lacking in the cognitive skills necessary to see through my lies, deceit and trickery.

And don’t complain about having to watch me, either. I know how much you hate turning on the television at home and seeing me 24/7 with my friends Brian Williams, Keith Olbermann, and especially Chris Matthews, who kinda freaks me out a bit because he says I send chills up his legs whenever I talk. I’m sure some of you in high school know what it’s like to be weirded out by the creepy guy who likes you a little bit more than you like him back. But we’ll save that for my upcoming mandatory sex-ed, contraceptive fitting and free abortions program next month. Right now, just be glad you’re getting to watch me instead of your chemistry teacher. You’re not gonna have to learn a damn thing from me.

You see, I want to talk to you today about hard work and the need to use it in order to achieve your dreams. It’s important to have dreams – I’ve come to realize that in these last few weeks as I found no one believes a word I say and I started losing sleep, wondering what the hell I’m going to do now. So I’m not sleeping enough, my REM counts are low and some people tell me I’m starting to hallucinate – such as when I still claim that I’m going to be able to pass significant health care legislation before Christmas.
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Anonymous said... @ September 08, 2009 12:05 PM

That's funny.

Pam said... @ September 08, 2009 1:47 PM

This is so true. To bad we will never hear him admit it.

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