Just Showing Up ... Is There
Nothing That Obama Can't Do?

You can always count on Poland’s outspoken ex-president and its best-known Nobel Prize laureate Lech Walesa to be honest:

“Who? What? So fast?” a shocked Walesa said when reporters told him about the latest Obama win. “Well, there’s hasn’t been any contribution to peace yet. He’s proposing things, he’s initiating things, but he is yet to deliver.”

In 1983, the prize went to Walesa who was a global symbol of anticommunism with an impressive record and an uncertain future in a country oppressed by the Soviet tyrant.

And now? Poland feels the prize has gone to a big question mark.

Cartoon Via JLaveryToonz


Anonymous said... @ October 11, 2009 8:15 PM

I've heard that Obama has a 90% chance of winning the best actor award next year, for a movie he may be involved with in the future.

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