B. O. The Special Olympian

Submitted for your consideration:

Prime minister Tony Blair, at the height of his unpopularity over supporting the Iraq war, was able to secure the 2012 Olympic Games for London, England.

President Barack Obama, the glorious leader of the "new" America, was not only unable to get the 2016 Olympic Games for Chicago, but came in fourth place in the IOC competition.

Can you say "The Audacity Of Ego."


Anonymous said... @ October 03, 2009 11:54 AM

When will the average person catch on that Obama is average at best and never was that intelligent or capable. He's simply a product of the affirmative action system. Picked and advanced via the color of his skin not the content of his mind.

All of his ideas are the same old failed ideas that the left have been pushing for the past thirty plus years. Big government and tax & spend is all he has to offer.

This guy is just another Jimmy Carter, repackaged for the new century.

Anonymous said... @ October 03, 2009 10:48 PM

How about a little more time spent on worrying about the military and a little less on B.S. like Chicago getting the olympics? Funny video though!

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