ACORN Inspires Graffiti Art

Spray-painted signs, inspired by the ACORN prostitution scandal, are popping up all around the Los Angeles area. The signs, which read "ACORN Funded Prostitution Zone", were first spotted on Studio Number One in Los Angeles, the commercial design studio of Obama HOPE poster creator Shepard Fairey.

The turnabout is fair play. Fairey, after all, gained fame as a street artist who used stenciled graffiti art to spread his inscrutable "Obey" images.

On a related note, last week, Fairey's partner on the HOPE poster campaign, Yosi Sergant, was reassigned from his job as communications director for the National Endowment for Art after coming under fire from Glenn Beck.


Anonymous said... @ September 19, 2009 5:09 PM

Fairey got his rep tagging LA. I bet that he's not too happy having to pay the clean up for this one.

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