Who Is A Media Imbecile Alex?

CNN veteran reporter and host of the Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer, made a complete ass of himself on the latest Celebrity Jeopardy.

Blitzer was unable to answer questions related to pasta, the hometown of Jesus and King David,1850s economics and the accused person in court. At one point, Jeopardys host, Alex Trebek, had to take away $800 for saying “Julia Childs” instead of saying it the correct way “Julia Child.”
He ended up with a negative $4,600 at the finish of Double Jeopardy.

To add Insult to Injury, The Tonight Show aired scenes from the show rehearsal, where you can see Blitzer being even dumber and very rude and pretentious. What this guy has to be pretentious about is anybody's guess.

Blitzer's appearance on Jeopardy shows just how knowledgeable he really is without his teleprompter.


Anonymous said... @ September 20, 2009 4:47 PM

Blitzer's performance was pathetic.

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